Whether you would like to become a licensed massage therapist or give and receive massages at home, you are going to want to get hold of a massage table. You will most likely want to get a portable massage table unless you have a dedicated space for massage and can sacrifice the space.

As a licensed massage therapist who has received many massages in different settings, I have found that the face cradle is the most important component in making for a comfortable massage table. A poorly fitting/designed face cradle makes it hard to relax as your neck and most likely your jaw too will be tense from compensating for the lack of support. You’ll do okay with the face cradles that come with a reputable maker of massage tables, but I can attest to the comfort of my face cradle made by Earthlite. This face cradle consists of a memory foam cushion on top of rubber supports that move independently, adjusting itself to the contours of your face. The result is a supremely comfortable fit and more relaxation on the part of the person receiving the massage.

Your table should be well-padded. The denser the padding, the more support it offers and the longer it will last. You can always “soften” a table by adding more padding of your own, if you find this makes the table more comfortable.

As for the width of the table, the average sized person will want one in the 27″-31″ range. Too narrow and the person on the table may not be able to lay down comfortably, too wide and you Beauty Bed Suppliers are likely to strain your back reaching across the table to give the massage. The only case in which you would want a wider table is if your clients are very large individuals or if you yourself are very tall.

The other crucial elements of a massage table are a good bolster and massage table sheets or massage table covers. The bolster is very important because it is used to give support to the legs and ankles when the client is lying on the table. Without the bolster, the client’s ankles and knees will become strained after being on the table for a while. Again, comfort is the name of the game. Sheets are used to cover the table and also your client. The “bottom sheet” goes on the table to help keep it clean and also for the client’s comfort. The “top sheet” is used to cover the client both for reasons of privacy and also to help keep the client from getting cold. In cold weather, you may also want to use a blanket on top of the sheet.

There are many massage table accessories which you may or may not want/need. For extra warmth, you can put an electric heating pad on your massage table. Some clients may not like this, though, as electricity has debatable effects on the body. Another accessory is simply more pillows for any needed support, as in pregnancy massage where support needs are greater/different for pregnant clients.