DIY House Building – 5 Super Secret Building Ideas Just For You!

You can be so exquisitely creative while building your own house by adding really useful features that add some zest to your home. Have you ever wanted something unique and eye-catching to accent your home?

Mega Secret Trap Door – Remember those old houses that featured trap doors built into the floor? These aren’t too difficult to make, but you should keep the idea in mind while building your DIY house, as you’ll need to cut the floor boards to accommodate the hatch. And build a secure interior that leads to your secret chamber.

Stealth Wall Port – Hide valuable items in a stealth wall port. These little cubbies are great for hiding just about anything. You can even customize it to fit a small jewelry or money safe or even a filing cabinet inside built in the shape of a box. And they are usually placed inside an interior wall frame by adding 2 x 4 cross pieces to form a box.

Hidden Rotating Cabinet – These are truly unique and you can make them as small or large as you like designed similar to the mechanics behind a Lazy Susan. Cubicles that rotate when turned by hand and are placed inside a wall or even inside an interior wall of your dressing room. Hidden and hidden.

Speakeasy Candle Cubicles – This style of cabinet doesn’t have to be reserved just for candles. I call it a candle cubby because I like candles, but you can hide whatever you want, collectibles, favorite books, hidden candy if you have kids, candy seems to disappear faster than gold! This is similar to a stealth wallport but smaller and I usually keep a shoebox full of candles in reserve. An elegant decoration idea, you can decorate the inside of your cubicles, add a couple of small shelves and keep the door of your cubicles open and use it to accent your home.

Secret Drawer in a Wall – Now this secret drawer is different as it is actually a drawer and not a cabinet. And it should be placed in an area where your house design takes into account a small area of ​​unused space that is completely enclosed. Like, for example, under a staircase or in a closet. Since the drawers are longer than most secret cabinets, you need deeper enclosed spaces for the drawers. A drawer or drawers like this are wonderful for storing your prescription medications or anything that would be a safety issue if you have children. And it is better to add designs for a secret drawer while building your house.

Secret Bed: It sounds a bit fun to have a bed that folds into a wall, but its functionality is incredible. For a double bed you would need a thicker inner wall, so keep this in mind while building the DIY house. Keep depth and width in mind when spacing studs, in fact, I recommend using 2 x 12 boards instead of studs the entire length of the wall. And you want your interior wall to be 14 inches thick to accommodate a twin size mattress and cut 3/4 inch to fit a piece of plywood used as a bed board for your twin mattress to rest on. Since your wall will be 14 inches thick, you may want to use all that extra space aside from your secret bed. So maybe you can build a nice bookcase on the wall right below the secret bed. Interesting!